Resources and activities designed to build upon the core lessons covered in the iPSHE.

Big Questions or Local Witness

Our Companion lessons are designed in two styles which challenge students in different ways. 

Big Questions

Big Questions are lessons built around debate and discussion. Each lesson from the iPSHE has its own 'Big Question' which asks students to consider the ideas from the lesson in relation to a particular question. Hints are provided as well as a format and timers to make the lessons fun to be in and deliver!

Local Witness

Local Witness Companion lessons are designed around the 'Local Witness' newspaper. The newspaper is based in a fun fictional place where the weekly news just happens to relate closely to those same themes and areas found in the core iPSHE lesson. Each lesson comes with a front page from the Local Witness, a set of comprehension questions particular to that week, and ideas for fun activities to develop our understanding further.