Free Resources During School Closures

During these difficult times, we have decided to make a number of resources free for any school who may be seeking resources during school closures.

You can sign up with an account that can be shared with students should you wish them to access these resources from home. Please set an account name and password to share with students and notify them of the details.

We do not record any student information.

Resources include 4 topics from Steps, Strides and Treks. Resources include presentations, worksheets, videos and activities. (In British Curriculum schools this would be Key Stage 3, ages 11-14)

Access resources

Our Core Curriculum Aims:


Designed to ensure learners' needs are met within the parameters of your organisational and time constraints with dynamic and complete lessons. Our curriculum gives you the ability to pick and choose from core and supplemental activities, allowing the best use of the time that you have. Our International PSHE (iPSHE) program has been planned with the core aim of ensuring that it can be used anywhere in the world.


Written by experienced international practitioners to be accessible to both students and teachers with a range of experience and backgrounds. Regardless of specialism, role or other constraints, we design our curriculum to suit everyone without adding to anyone's workload. We understand not every school has dedicated staff for PSHE and citizenship. At Wayfarer, we aim to fill that gap.

Designed for international schools

A curriculum specifically focused on international students and schools teaching through the medium of English. We have taken pains to use the best from national curricula in the areas of social and emotional learning, PSHE, interpersonal relationships and attitudinal learning. A deliberate and concerted effort has been made to work around the need for nation specific content so our lessons work wherever you are in the world, whilst still being appropriate and applicable for your students.

What does a lesson look like?

Our lessons are fully HTML-5 compliant and available on internet enabled devices. PSHE lessons consist of a presentation and at least 3 printable resources. We also provide a lesson overview which gives a guide to how the lesson may be delivered. Here's an example:

companion lessons
Further lessons extending the iPSHE

Our companion lessons are designed to further stretch and develop the concepts covered in the core iPSHE. Companion lessons build upon the skills required to be considerate global citizens and thoughtful future leaders. All our core strand lessons have companion lessons to further enrich the iPSHE curriculum.

Free resources

We are committed to helping all schools to build well-rounded global citizens. Whether you are a member school or not, we hope that you will find our free resources of use. Follow the link to our free resources on study skills, growth mindset, free posters and the ever-popular debate-anator.

Free Resources