The IPHSE is versatile

Our International PSHE (iPSHE) programme has been designed to be used anywhere in the world, ensuring learners' needs are met with its dynamic and engaging lessons. Our resources give you the ability to pick and choose from core and supplemental activities, allowing the best use of the time that you have.

The iPSHE is accessible

Written by experienced international practitioners to be accessible to both students and teachers with a range of experience, languages and backgrounds. Regardless of specialism, role or other constraints, our curriculum is planned to support schools, without adding to anyone's workload.

The iPSHE is specific

We offer a curriculum created for international students and schools teaching through the medium of English. We have used the best from national curricula in the areas of social and emotional learning, PSHE, interpersonal relationships and attitudinal learning to ensure breadth and depth of study for students in an international setting.

Our lessons are fully HTML-5 compliant and available on internet enabled devices. PSHE lessons consist of a presentation and at least 3 printable resources. We also provide a lesson overview which gives a guide to how the lesson may be delivered. Here's an example: