Wayfarer iPSHE

Welcome to the Wayfarer International PSHE curriculum. Further details of the curriculum can be found in our 'Curriculum and Specification' section where specifics of the syllabus and programme of study can be accessed.

In the sections below, you will find full lesson plans, resources and presentations ready to launch and deliver at the touch of a button.

iPSHE Steps

Steps is our entry-level curriculum for students beginning their Wayfarer Education journey. Our recommendation is that students begin here when they are between 11 and 12 years old. Every school and each student is different, which is why it is a recommendation only.

iPSHE Strides

Strides takes students to the next level of skills and attributes that they will develop as they move towards adulthood. Whilst Steps introduces many areas students are developing, Strides aims to take them further into these by delving deeper into the core themes.

iPSHE Treks

As students reach this stage of their iPSHE education, they are expected to begin using the skills they have developed to examine issues themselves. Greater emphasis is put on students' individual choices and decisions and explorations into how these are made.

iPSHE Journeys

Journeys looks at the influences of the wider world on students' life choices. The impact of media and information is examined and how this impacts on our identities. Students are also asked to consider conflict and resolution whilst they develop their inter-personal and intra-personal skills.

iPSHE Expeditions

Students entering the Expeditions stage of the iPHSE programme of study are expected to have developed many of the attributes and skills of young well-rounded adults. In this stage, they are asked to examine and debate ideas of discrimination, empathy and influence. There is a focus on the area of coping with stress and making life decisions.

Expanded Curriculum

Adding breadth and depth to your iPSHE curriculum.

Growth Mindset
Growth Mindset

Aiding the development of positive attitudes towards development and attainment - introducing and encouraging Growth Mindsets!

Study Skills
Study Skills

Skills and techniques for maximising learning by consolidation, revision, and practise. Knowing how to revise is just as important as knowing that we need to revise!

Analysis & Opinion
Independent Study

Developing the skills required for independent study: critical analysis, building opinions and arguments, investigation, and enquiry.